BioLimit® --

Access Control


BioLimit® is a solution created to guarantee the security and control of people or vehicular income in restricted areas. Designed tailored to the needs of each company, where people are validated through the digitized fingerprint or any other identification mechanism, limiting physical access only to authorized personnel, ensuring security and monitoring of staff in real time.

MCS has the control of opening doors, vaults, turnstiles, automatic car park barriers or any mechanism that restricts the access of personnel. It has a friendly platform that manages even schedules / shifts in which staff will be allowed to access facilities or restricted areas.


Visitor Module

Designed to control visitor access by monitoring the time that remains inside the facilities and the places they have visited. It has the functionality of reading the barcode of the citizenship card and the printing of a sticker for the identification of the visitor inside the facilities. Each visitor will be registered with the name of a user of the company who will be responsible for it. Request a visit and know our solution BioLimit®- Control de accesos