BioService® y BioService Pos®--

Management of Massive and Specialized Services

BioService® is a flexible solution designed for the control and management of access to services in a massive way, where people are identified and admitted through the fingerprint, allowing them to access the authorized service and guarantee that the provision of it is done in an organized manner, Timely and balanced, adapted to the policies of each company.

BioService Pos® es una solución flexible diseñada para el control y gestión de acceso a servicios de forma especializada, donde las personas pueden acceder a un servicio disponible a través de una terminal POS. El sistema puede integrar cualquier tipo de pago generando un comprobante personalizado por las propias empresas.

Booking Module

Designed to ensure the availability of the service or product based on the total number of requests made. Allowing the company to increase its productivity, reduce its costs and more. Request a visit and know our solution BioService®- Gestión de servicios masivos y especializados.

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