The support contract is a permanent technical and functional support agreement designed to resolve any query and / or incident with our products. The technical department of MCS Tech has different communication channels for customer service.

The support service is available under different modalities in order to meet the needs of the client and ensure the management of the following service components:

  • High availability for a continuous operation
  • Technical and functional support services for users
  • Security

Additionally, the service has different benefits such as:

  • Availability of product versions, functional and / or technical training according to the updates of the update.
  • Priority in attention times, based on the ANS- Agreement of Service Levels where the response times are specified depending on the level of impact of the operating situation.
  • Users on the MCS support platform to report incidents.


The development of technology has managed to find the necessary element to cover the deficiencies in the traditional security schemes that are damaging the interests of the companies, ending with the problems of impersonation and fraud and allowing in turn that the control schemes can be highly effective.

MCS TECH has developed solutions that involve the latest digital identification technology, guaranteeing maximum reliability to our clients in the identification processes and the construction of solutions oriented towards mass customization of products and services.