About Us


MCS Tech S.A.S. It was created in 1997 as an alternative in Operational Innovation based on identification and management technologies for large mass consumption organizations and risk operations, in order to help our customers to solve operational gaps not solved by the platforms of traditional technologies and that represent deficiencies in control, management and uncontrolled losses during the operation of the business and the administration of human resources, considered these strategic axes of business competitiveness. We have specific experience in various industries: financial services, manufacturing, health, energy, transportation and other segments. We create tailor-made solutions aligned with the objectives of our clients, privileging a personalized relationship based on trust and efficiency. We are passionate about working with our clients on a value-added structure and covering the deficiencies to maximize opportunities. We work intensely in the optimization of the economic results of our clients under a criterion of high productivity based on the control, the minimization of the risks and the operational efficiency, supported in the digital transformation and automation of operations. MCS has developed projects in different countries of the Region, under a clear slogan of personalization of our business and cultural reality, not considered by industry suppliers in other countries of North America and Europe, for the construction of solutions and standard products. directed to the mass market.

It was created with the purpose of contributing to the goals set by our clients, responding timely and anticipating their needs in the daily business processes, applying as our main methodology our results-oriented approach.

Our solutions are supported by multinational companies from the United States, Ukraine, Canada and the United Kingdom, with which we maintain a relationship of Partners.

MCS Tech S.A.S. It has qualified experts with specific experience that support the business units in:

  • Innovation for business development
  • Business intelligence (BI)
  • Information Systems Development
  • Identification technologies oriented to productivity
  • Innovation and technology management
  • Time management
  • Integration of identification and management components
  • Physical and logical security
  • Design and manufacture of circuits

At MCS Tech we are committed to the personal and professional growth of our team. Our people are the motor, the passion, the brain and the muscle for the construction of the future of our clients based on the transformation of the present. We base our vision by developing a sensitivity to the environment, constant improvement and a dynamic of integral construction. Social Responsibility is part of our principles and we hope to contribute to humanity based on our values.

We serve each of our clients at different levels and receive all their opinions as fundamental to the success of the company. We motivate, evaluate, apply their ideas and guide our people to develop their abilities.